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Maico Industries, Inc. was initially built and opened for business in late 1995. The original facility consisted of approximately 50,000 square feet that specialized in built-up rigid frames utilized in the metal building industry. Maico established a level of quality, which is supported by the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) certification within the standards, and criteria of a Conventional Steel Structures certification. All of our welders are certified per the American Welding Society (AWS) criteria governed within the AWS D1.1 current welding code and CWB as governed by the Canadian Welding Bureau.
In 2001 we built on an expansion (50,000 square feet) to our original facility to fabricate multi-sided poles to be utilized within the DOT, sports lighting, windtower, utility, etc. markets. We are centrally located and within a close proximity to numerous galvanizing facilities.
Maico Industries, Inc. Expansion (2013)
Once again, Maico Industries, Inc. is in the midst of another expansion and has extended job opportunities while growing their labor force and shop capacity. Dave Cox, Maico Industries, Inc., Plant Manager states "We are outgrowing our facility and it has once again become necessary to expand our fabricating capacity by an additional 15,000 square feet. Additional ground south and north of the current building has been purchased, local contractor Pacey Construction has started the dirt work and Kyler & Sons have poured 9 of the 10 building column foundations for the expansion. Kyler & Sons will be pouring the concrete floor of the expansion this summer utilizing Ellsworth Ready Mix for the concrete. The structural framework is being fabricated and erected by Maico Industries along with additional overhead hoists. We are very excited once again to have the opportunity to bring increased business to Ellsworth County and the possibility of adding approximately 6 new jobs to the Ellsworth area. Additionally, we are very proud to utilize local contractors and suppliers wherever possible for the expansion. The project is expected to be completed within the next year. Due to the influx of additional work from numerous new customers in addition to our base customers, our progress of completing the expansion is currently being delayed as we must service our customer's projects first. However, this is a problem I gladly welcome as a Manager. Cox also said "We purchased additional land north of the current building for future expansion plans. Our future plans are to build a paint facility separate from the fabrication shop."
Aside from future expansion, Cox said "We are currently engaged in multiple large scale projects utilized in the energy sector such as electrical distribution and nuclear testing. We are fabricating structural building frames for the United States Air Force in Mercury, Nevada for the application of a nuclear testing facility. We are also fabricating very large diameter utility poles destined for California. The bases on some of these poles exceed 8' in diameter with 4" thick base plate welded to the multi sided shaft. The pole sections themselves can weigh in excess of 40,000 lbs each. We just completed fabricating three 220' long box truss structures which will span both interstate lanes of traffic in Delaware. We have numerous other steel structure and pole projects to fabricate in addition to the aforementioned including a shipping frame we are currently fabricating for the purpose of transporting a 100,000 lb Boeing component from Wichita, KS to Seattle, WA."
Maico Industries, Inc. has positioned itself accordingly to have the opportunity to bid large contracts with the Clean Line Energy Partners who are designing and funding the construction of the Grain Belt Express transmission line as well as three other major utility lines throughout the Midwest. The Grain Belt Express Line will originate in Southwest Kansas going to larger markets in the Upper Midwest to the Northeast sections of the US totaling approximately 800 miles. CLEAN LINE ENERGY PARTNERS is developing four large transmission projects to connect areas of the country that have excellent wind and solar energy resources to load centers several hundred miles away that can use the power. The company will use high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology to minimize energy losses and have a smaller footprint compared to alternating current technology. Maico Industries could potentially fabricate a significant number of utility monopoles for this transmission line. Each of the four projects will cost about $2 billion to build and will help catalyze several times that amount in renewable energy generating capacity investments.
Maico Industries, Inc. has enjoyed being part of the Ellsworth Community for many years now and continues to look ahead for continued business growth.

We also have extra fabrication, machinery and manpower resources within the Mai family-owned company, PKM Steel Services, located within one hour of our facility. They are a larger fabricator specializing in the structural steel industry. We prefer to utilize another Mai family-owned company, MSS Transport, Inc., They have a fleet of over the road trucks and can broker loads as well when required. Salina Steel Supply, Inc. is a family-owned company specializing in the marketing and sales of a diversified range of metal products and services to meet the needs of our customers.